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Clara Eagan Zabriski
July 9, 2001-July 16, 2011
Clara passed away July 2011 of cancer.

Our vision is to inspire people to make a difference
in the lives of abused, abandoned or neglected children
in South Florida through financial generosity
and volunteer commitment.

Our Mission

  • Honor the memory of a little girl named Clara Eagan Zabriski who liked to help people.
  • Expand her family’s annual tradition of purchasing Christmas gifts for local needy children using funds raised via the efforts of Clara’s Secret Shepherds Foundation. All children served are screened by local child welfare agencies.
  • Extend the Foundation’s reach to include other non-essential services that will enrich local foster children’s lives.
  • Clara’s Secret Shepherds Foundation hopes to expand the scope of this program every year.
  • Educate the public about the hundreds of children in South Florida – and the thousands across the country – who are foster children and are living in limbo waiting to be reunited with their relatives or be adopted by non-biological “forever families.”

Big Thanks To Our Partners!

Contact us to become a partner:  Click Here